White Papers

Knowledge is nothing if not spread. Here’s some of the papers we presented at technical committees, Intergalva, Techforum, and other events of the HDG sector, which result from years of research, study, on-field experience.

New findings in energy transfer and kettle corrosion in high velocity furnaces

English 07 Giu 2015

Three additional years of studies in the Atlas project are summarized, as results are presented for high velocity furnaces used in galvanization.


Dual Chamber furnace performance, a comparison

English 23 Apr 2015

In this presentation, we compared results from energy efficiency surveys in Dual Chamber furnaces in comparison to more traditional designs.


Coming full circle in product quality and environmental protection

English 30 Ott 2013

As an active support of IZA’s activities in China, we delivered here a full seminar on energy efficiency, environmental control and product quality as vital parts of every galvanizer mission.


Hot Dip Galvanizing: a Tesla moment?

English 08 Set 2013

In 2013, before Zinco became part of the Gimeco Group, our CEO delivered this very successful presentation on the future of Hot Dip Galvanizing and how it had entered its “Tesla moment”.


Advanced numerical simulations results on flat flame HDG furnaces

English 10 Giu 2012

After several years of intensive investment in numerical simulations, we presented to the Global galvanizing community the results of our Atlas project on energy transfer in flat flame furnaces.