Research and Development

We strongly believe that solid technical competence is essential to provide cutting edge services. Since we started our business, we have never stopped our research and development activities, which have been possible also thanks to the partnership with some of the greatest global industrial researchers and institutions.

Our projects have touched many aspects of galvanizing – from wire performance in the galvanizing process to bath metallurgy, from kettle diagnostics to heat efficiency and transfer in complex furnace scenarios – but have also broaden beyond the boundaries of the galvanizing plant and our social and cultural environment.

Zinco Lab at CSMT, Brescia


HASHTAG: efurnace START: 2015

A new generation furnace for the hot dip galvanizing sector: technology meets the environment.

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HASHTAG: formedabile START: 2013

Promoting hot dip galvanizing can sometimes be part of a wider project of social responsibility.

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HASHTAG: leoben START: 2012

When some of our customers started to experience unprecedented kettle leaks, we felt it was time to better investigate the relation between bath composition and kettle corrosion.

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HASHTAG: atlas START: 2010

Advanced computerized modelling to explore heat transfer and efficiency in hot dip galvanizing kettles and furnaces

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