EGGA 2017 Prague – Zinco Service partecipates in the annual european general galvanizer meeting

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Prague, 12-15 June, 2017

Zinco Service will partecipate at EGGA 2017. The annual european general galvanizer meeting will held in Prague, 12-15 June.

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13 Jun 2017 05.55 PM Traditional Czech dinner at #egga17
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SME Instrument Innovators Summit kicks off with Zinco Service

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Brussels, 10-11 October, 2016

The Summit will give the SME the opportunity to meet peers, learn to pitch and try their ideas in front of a panel of investors, while participatory workshops and matchmaking will open the door to exchanging experiences and finding new partnerships.


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11 Oct 2016 11.00 AM Closing remarks from mr Malacarne : "crisis? What crisis? .. in a day like this we can see the future..." thanks for the enthusiastic support from the Director of Easme! #innosme16 #innovators
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Zinco Service contributes to the birth of a new park in Brescia

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Brescia, Italy, September 30th, 2016

Zinco Service carries on in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement, by donating innovative benches designed for citizens with disabilities. An abandoned and polluted area of Brescia has been reclaimed and redeveloped as a Park. This large, new green area has been established in a former industrial section of Town and is now dedicated to Anfass, an organization supporting people with disabilities. The new Park will be named after Anfass’ symbol: “La Rosa Blu”, the Blue Rose.

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21 Dec 2016 03.54 PM #socialresponsibility Zinco Service wants to dedicate this project to all those who believe that making a difference depends on us... Enjoy our video!
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EGGA Spain – European General Galvanizer Association Assembly

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Sevilla, Spain. 6-9 June 2016

Zinco Service partecipates in the annual European General Galvanizer Association (EGGA) meeting in Spain. An opportunity to hear the latest developments in the galvanizing industry and to follow the progress of the sector.

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08 Jun 2016 09.06 AM Mingling and two is going great! #egga16
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Confindustria Bergamo meeting

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Bergamo, 21 April 2016

Mario Ubiali will speak in the Confindustria Bergamo meeting “Aprirsi alla crescita. Strumenti e competenze per le PMI”.

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Catholic University of Brescia Conference

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Brescia, 21 April 2016

Mario Ubiali will speak at the Catholic University of Brescia Conference, “Brescia, città dell’educazione”. Catholic University celebrates the 50th anniversary of the teaching in Brescia.

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SME INSTRUMENTS PHASE 2 – Welcome Day in Brussels


Brussels, 19 – 20 April 2016

Mario Ubiali presented the eFurnace project to the new European champions of innovation. Companies which has obtained the funding of Horizon 2020 programme of EASME for the 2016 edition.

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Zinco Service – Conference on Sustainable Innovation

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Conference on Sustainable Innovation 19th February 2016

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