A Kettle Change Out
in 5 minutes


Kettle Change Out Services

Well, it usually takes more than five minutes to make it happen. It takes months of site visits, planning, coordination. It takes years of experience to gather the best team of suppliers and combine logistics with live troubleshooting. It takes solid technology and motivated teams that would work around the clock.
But it pays off: have your kettle changed out in five to ten days*, with just one coordinator and one person to talk to. Scroll down this section and discover what we can do for you, which far exceeds the simple operation of transferring molten zinc. Enter the world of advanced turn key projects by Zinco.

* Duration of changeout varies according to specific site conditions and is subject to definition upon specific evaluation.




Molten Zinc Storage Service

The most effective way to shorten up downtime when changing out your kettle is to hold part of the zinc content in molten state. Thanks to our electrical, transportable holding vessels, we can store up to 240 metric tons of liquid zinc at 450 degrees C for the duration of your substitution, shortening up the melting process up to 7 days*.

Pumping molten zinc is possibly the one thing we have the most experience with. Thanks to our combination of in-house-designed (and built) electrical pumps, as well as customized electric holding vessels and steel molds, we take care of emptying your kettle fast and efficiently, while transferring back the liquid zinc when you are ready with the new kettle. Zinco will plan the operation carefully, taking into account the specific site features, furnace technology and even lifting devices available and the needed manpower. With efficiency, comes safety: detailed procedures are shared with the Customer and every effort is made not just to plan things in the safest way possible, but also in sharing information with local workers, using assorted multimedia tools. Depending on your geographical location, Zinco will also offer logistics and make sure everything is on site, on time. Extensive experience in over 12 years of operations at every latitude allows to support the Customer even in his own decision making process, exchanging opinions and making ideas available for the best possible result. Zinco will present the best options and combinations between liquid and solid storage, allowing to maximize your result with an optimized budget. Learn more about the specifics of the molten zinc storage services thanks to our case histories and stop-motion videos.

* Duration of changeout varies according to specific site conditions and is subject to definition upon specific evaluation.

Furnace Repair & Burners Services

when the kettle is finally empty, there is a lot more to do. The project is just started. Zinco can assist customers in the core of the furnace operations during a change out: executing furnace repair and service burners.

A solid experience on brick, fiber ceramic and other materials, together with a ten year partnership with a leading European company, allow us to perform the typical repair needed on all types of furnaces. Reconstruction of the supporting surfaces and repair of vertical sides, along with proper closing of the top of the chamber, are executed using appropriate materials. Zinco often proposes customers smart modifications to top sealing as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials, including state of the art bio-soluble fiber ceramic. We have performed operations on all sizes of furnaces, regardless of age or availability of detailed drawings. Experienced technicians offer combustion control and calibration, including deeper levels of maintenance on all components of the combustion system.

Additional services

if the complete turn key approach is what you’re looking for, then we can go that extra mile. In addition to molten zinc transfer and storage, as well as furnace services, we can take care of everything else.

Very often, our customers perform kettle changes during breaks, in the summer or Christmas season. Sometimes this involves complex human resources issues relating to holidays and rest, some other times it just forces a company to invest heavily in extra time. What if your internal maintenance department has never worked on a kettle change? Zinco offers extensive experience in quick problem solving on a wide array of operations that are usually critical to a kettle substitution: the extraction if the kettle, the disassembly of the enclosure, the placement of a new kettle and the proper fitting of enclosure and top plates. Watch some sample videos in this section to understand what we can offer. With the full package, you’ll gain time, efficiency and – ultimately – money.