Kettle Change Out

Dealing with distances: when pumping zinc is done in extreme conditions.

650 Tonnes

We are often asked: “How far from the kettle can you pump zinc?”. In this case, we pushed our limits.


Having to perform a kettle change in an extremely complex scenario, the Customer needed to solve two problems. One: where can we put Zinco’s holding vessels? Two: where can we put moulds?


Zinco conducted careful planning of this job months in advance. A solution was negotiated with the Customer to put two holding vessels in a separate section of the building, across a dividing wall. Distance would still be over 14 meters and the pipe would be running above the entire gas ramp. Zinco came up with a special made, reinforced pipe, made to withstand suspension over a large span without risks. Moulds were then lined out inside the pit used for racks, with a careful sequence of movements for the pump and discharge pipe being coreographed during dry rehersals. All went according to plan and the large kettle was emptied successfully in approximately four hours. Lesson learned? Planning is 80% of a good job.